Assignment Data Visualization App for Fault Detection

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Developing a Real-Time Data Visualization App for Fault Detection in Manufacturing



In this assignment, you will be tasked with developing a real-time data visualization app for fault detection in a manufacturing production line. The goal is to provide operators with a user-friendly frontend that displays the results of the statistical data analysis in near-real time. The app should enable operators to quickly identify and respond to potential locations causing higher than usual faulty products. Additionally, you will be responsible for building a prototype of the app and deploying it in a production environment.



The objective of this assignment is to design and develop a data visualization app that presents the results of the statistical data analysis in an intuitive and real-time manner. By the end of this project, you will be expected to have created a functional prototype that meets the specified requirements and successfully deployed it in a manufacturing production environment.



1. Familiarization with Statistical Data Analysis:

–          Gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing statistical data analysis that identifies locations causing higher faulty products in the production line.

–          Review the backend analysis process and its output.


2. Frontend App Selection:

–          Research and evaluate various frontend technologies and frameworks suitable for real-time data visualization.

–          Consider factors such as real-time processing capabilities, data visualization libraries, user interface design, and integration with the existing data analysis system.


3. App Design and Development:

–          Define the user interface requirements based on the needs of the production line operators.

–          Design the app layout, including visualizations, alerts, and interactive features.

–          Develop the frontend app using the selected technology, ensuring compatibility with real-time data processing.


4. Prototype Testing and Refinement:

–          Conduct thorough testing of the developed prototype using simulated or live data.

–          Gather feedback from operators and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement.

–          Refine the app’s functionality, user experience, and performance based on the feedback received.


5. Deployment in Production Environment:

–          Prepare the app for deployment in the production environment.

–          Coordinate with the relevant IT and production teams to ensure a smooth integration.

–          Monitor the app’s performance, stability, and user acceptance after deployment.



–          App Design Proposal:

Submit a detailed proposal outlining the chosen frontend technology, user interface design, and key features of the data visualization app.

–          Functional Prototype:

Develop a fully functional prototype of the app, demonstrating real-time data processing and visualization capabilities.

–          Deployment Documentation:

Provide documentation on the deployment process, including integration steps, system requirements, and troubleshooting guidelines.

–          Final Report:

Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the development process, challenges faced, lessons learned, and recommendations for future improvements.

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